CSA Update: Newest cheat!

Recently I opened our refrigerator and realized we were overrun by green onions! Last week, we got a great bunch of them and I used them in a ton of recipes, but gosh! I couldn’t keep up! (sidenote: totally realized AGAIN how much this CSA is a good deal.. one order of green onion from the CSA is HUGE…like 6 bunches and each about¬†20 inches long !). Anyways, I realized I needed a good way to keep the onions before they went bad so I chopped them up and tossed them into an ice cube tray (all the way to the brim!) and then filled the tray with olive oil and popped it in the freezer. Check it out!

Olive oil and onions

Tah dah! Easy way to add a little fresh spice to your cooking. You can place one frozen cube in a saute pan prior to tossing in your veggies or protein or try to use for baking! I decided to use for a few roasting recipes this week by slicing up a bunch of the CSA veggies that I was worried were about to go and then tossed a few of the frozen cubes on top. No need to thaw ahead of time. Just toss on top, cook the veggies and about half way through mix up the veggies to mix through!

Before cooking…Baked red potatoes
Roasted potatoes


Before cooking…Roasted veggies

Roasted vegetables


You can totally do with any other fresh herbs, such as rosemary, basil or parsley… Great way to keep them fresh herbs ready to go and easily on hand!

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