Basically a fast paced tour, right?

SO, on a whim I decided to sign up for the Philly 10k in September…I say on a whim since I really hadn’t considered how busy my summer will be or what was coming up in the fall…I just knew it was going to go fast so I figured, might as well! Turns out we’re 10 weeks out. Oops. Looks like its time to train. A 10k really shouldn’t be too too crazy, but its actually the longest timed race I’ve done. Typically I go for the good old 5k, great distance, not too tiring…and requires little preparation for the most part (well, maybe…), but anyways I wanted to sign up for this race in order to help me eventually get to my goal of completing a half marathon.

Philly 10K Badge

For those of you that don’t know, the Philly 10k is an awesome new race that will make its debut this year. Oh let me count the ways this race is amazing…

– It’s basically a tour of Philly, just express… Check out the course here! 

– There’s a pre-race pickup party. Music, fun. Love it.

– You get a t-shirt. I mean. Everybody wears clothes…win, win.

– The race ends with a  beer brewed exclusively for The Philly 10K by Philadelphia Brewing Company AND Shake Shack Liberty Shell Custard infused with Termini Cannoli’s (I mean, are you kidding??)

– Did I mention the race sold out in 70 minutes? What. More proof of the amazing-ness.

BUT, the best part is I keep seeing new ways to win a bib to the race and I’ll be sure to pass all of them along to you all. Here’s the newest one! Good luck!!!

Also, if you were lucky enough to get a spot in the race. Make sure to check out the training plan from Philly Magazine! Look here!!!

Let me know if you’ll be at the race! What’s your typical training plan?

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