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CSA Update: Newest cheat!

Roasted vegetables Recently I opened our refrigerator and realized we were overrun by green onions! Last week, we got a great bunch of them and I used them in a bunch of foods, but gosh! I couldn’t keep up! (sidenote: totally realized how much this CSA is a good deal.. one order of green onion from the CSA is HUGE like 20 inches long and about 6 bunches!). Anyways, I realized I needed a good way…

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Basically a fast paced tour, right?

Philly-10K-Badge SO, on a whim I decided to sign up for the Philly 10k in September…I say on a whim since I really hadn’t considered how busy my summer will be or what was coming up in the fall…I just knew it was going to go fast so I figured, might as well! Turns out we’re 10 weeks out. Oops. Looks like its time to train…

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Healthy Challenge: JUNK-less

De-Clutter! So, in spite of this new move I have begun the process of “de-junking” the current apartment prior to moving to the new place. I decided since this is a little more permanent than all of the other moves I’ve had previously it was better to be efficient about this one and only move what NEEDS to go rather than storing things for the next time we move, only to be finally tossed then. I started in the closet, which I thought would be the easiest since you can pretty much tell when you have things that you don’t wear or don’t like anymore…boy was I wrong.

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