Sorry friends.

Oh heyy, remember me? Sorry for the unannounced hiatus… but I swear I have a good reason! So, I was on vacation from work, well, a staycation, but regardless no work for a week. One might argue that I should have been posting more considering I was out of work, but I was really busy! I mean…I went to the beach one day, went to a few happy hours, shopped the farmer’s market, had a few dinners out, hung out with my boyfriend’s family, went shopping, oh and WE BOUGHT A HOUSE. Right, right…that’s where my time went! This week was busy, busy, BUSY…full of all of those things, plus spackling, painting, tiling, and moving furniture, plus a daily Home Depot or Lowe’s run (sometimes both! Hey, we’re wild).

Anyways, sorry for the lack of notice! I promise (pinky promise!) this week will be better.

Here are a few of my favorites for the week…

1. Hardworking manicure…this, ladies and gentlemen, is the manicure of a woman who now has a freshly painted bathroom.

Painted nails!

2. Successful DIYs…Decided to add some tile to this table that was left on our patio by the previous owner. Still needs grout, but looking great already!

Table 1

Tiled Table

3. Happy hours…through out the day as needed :-)

Happy hours

4. Unexpected surprises…Found these awesome tables for our bedroom!


5. Paint and primer in one…Still took 4 coats…but covered this red!

Red Walls!

Hope you all had a lovely week! Anyone do anything great? Anyone have any homeowner advice for us newbies?

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