Beach Body Bootcamp!

OHHH man. Not sure if you all are aware, but SUMMER is comingg!!! Totally lovely in so many ways, but also a little daunting…because bikini season is coming! Recently, I signed up for a Beach Body Bootcamp from one of favorite fitness websites, Sweaty and Fit. Check out her site at You can also check out her Facebook page –

Sweaty and fit bootcamp!

The best part is she offers these workouts COMPLETELY FREE and hosts all of the videos on Youtube. So great! This particular program is a 3 week bootcamp full of different workouts. I started the bootcamp yesterday with a 30 minute cardio which was perfect to fit into my day since I finish work at 8pm! Little nervous about this Full Body workout coming up later this week, but it’ll be worth it :)

Sweaty and fit

Be sure to check out her website and check out the great recipes and workouts she has listed!

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