Healthy Challenge: Drink MORE H20

Happy Monday! Last week I tried the healthy challenge of ditching the caffeine for the week which actually was very nice and not nearlyyy as difficult as I thought it would be. One thing I learned was that I really enjoy the “routine” of my morning coffee. Typically I wake up when my boyfriend’s alarm goes off and watch the news while drinking a mug of coffee…a little calm before the craziness of my day. Although I still continued my typical routine of waking up and watching the news, I found I was missing part of that routine…and not for the caffeine boost, but just the warm cup! Yes, maybe I could sub in tea, but at least for a wee bit I’ll stick to my mug!


Fortunately, one thing I learned was that by not drinking coffee I was drinking LOADS more water. I would drink 1-2 glasses in the morning which was lovely. My healthy challenge is to DRINK MORE WATER. There are endless benefits to drinking more water…just to name a few…¬†increase energy, flush out toxins, promote weight loss, improve skin complexion…and on and on! So here it goes! Raise your glass and join me!

Water with frozen fruit!

Trick to mix up the flavor of your water? Add some frozen fruit! Bonus: It keeps it cold!


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