Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day everyone! Hope you all are lucky enough to be able to spend time with your own Papa today! Unfortunately for me, my Dad lives about 250 miles away…Thank goodness for Facetime! Anyways, my Dad spent his day doing exactly what he loves to do…GOLF…which is no surprise, because the man loves golf and he totally deserves to enjoy a day on the green!

My Dad is an incredibly hard worker and an amazing role model for me and my sisters on how to really achieve a balance of work and life. Because my family owns a pizzeria, he works at least 6 days per week, but is in the restaurant every single day and is on call every second of the day. Despite being constantly connected for work, he still manages to incorporate health and fitness into his daily routine. He’s all about balance…whether that’s during his morning swim, a weekly round of golf or a casual bike ride (but let’s get real, there is nothing casual about it…2 years ago he rode his bike to Boston…BOSTON! Over 400 miles on his bike!!).

Also, being the true multi-tasker and getting the “most bang for the buck”… he manages to really focus on his happiness when choosing how he spends his time. He picks those activities that he LOVES and those that allow him to be around his friend or family. Just the other day I was talking to him and asking if he ever feels like ditching his weekly golf date with his friends (Do men call them dates too? Probably not.) in favor of something less active. His response? “Absolutely not.” He explained that he looked forward to it all week as a way to decompress, enjoy time with his friends and do something he loved. “I mean its only 9 holes…” Okay Dad… 😉

So naturally, in honor of my Dad, tonight we’ll be having homemade pizza for dinner (that’s the legacy you want- right, Dad?).  Each week my Dad typically has a smoothie for breakfast, salmon or salad for lunch and even snacks on walnuts or dried fruit throughout the day, but has been known to eat an entire medium pizza by himself on occasion…The man truly is all about a balance!

I mean really….who is this cool?



To my Dad, Happy Father’s Day! Miss you bunches. See you soon!

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  1. Lucy says:

    Monk Rules!!!

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