CSA Start up!

I finally did it!! After abouttt 2 years of contemplating joining a CSA I finally decided to go for it and join one! I had contemplated back and forth whether it was right for us, and honestly before this year it didn’t make sense anyways. Between moving to a new city, starting a new job, moving again, and again (really, I’m not kidding), it just didn’t make sense until now to join one.


Lettuce mis

bok choy

Before joining I decided to look into a few different option before jumping head first into a bushel of apples (or lettuce…or beets…or green onions). When I was started looking I had to find one that was in my area…which…okay check, narrows it down to about 37 local to Philadelphia. Then, I ranked them according to availability of half share versus full share since although we love our veggies I knew it would be tough to do a full share of vegetables each week without waste. Then, I laid out the options and ranked by price. I ended up picking 5 right around the same range. Once I had my 5 choices I read TONS of reviews on each one and finally came down to 3 choices. I finally picked my winner by deciding to go with a “Choice-CSA” which means I get to “order” from available produce for the week rather than just getting the farmer’s choice each week. Hoping that turns out to be the best option for us!


Green cabbage


green onion

Today was the start and I picked up our first batch! This week was farmer’s choice since it was the first week, but then ordering for next week starts later this week. Here’s our first box! Look out for a recipe wrap up next week with all of the foods I put together with these items this week…anddd if anyone has any ideas for mounds of green onions…I’m all ears!!

First share!

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