Healthy Challenge: Decaffeinate

Hey all! Hope you had a happy, healthy weekend! Anyone else feel like this weekend flew by?

This week for the healthy challenge I’ve decided to cut out caffeine. Previously I would just have a cup of coffee in the morning and then was good to go for the day, but lately I’ve noticed that one morning cup became one at home and one at work…then another mid day…and maybe another at 4 or 5 to push through the rest of my patients and get me through my workout. This past week I’ve had a tough time sleeping at night and although I can’t contribute it 100% to excessive caffeine I do think it may be contributing. So this week, although I’m classifying it as my healthy challenge its actually a little of an experiment 😉

Water with lemon

Uhhh ohhh. Gotta switch up the routine! Looks like water with lemon in the morning!

Anyone else experiment cutting out or decreasing caffeine? If so, what was your decision at the end?

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