Nope, no sour patch kids: Cravings!

Ugh, anyone else have those nights that you finish dinner and SCOUR the cupboards for just a single morsel of something sweet..or saltyyyy? probably a little of both. def a little of both. Well, before you eat that sour patch kid you found in the back of the cupboard covered in dust..try these!

1. First things first…Remind yourself this will pass. Lets get real. That may not help. Try these ideas!

2. Take some time to brew a good mug of tea. My favorite is mint tea, but pick your fancy! For me it totally helps to calm my stomach and even fill me up a little bit. Kind of takes your mind off of that supposed “hungry” feeling and sets your mind towards relaxation.

Mint tea is amazing. Get some.

3. Get physical! Not talking about a 3 mile run, but if possible a short walk or gentle yoga sequence; just something to get your mind focused on something else and increase those positive feelings. Bonus points if you can get outside. Suck in some fresh air and maybe get a little vitamin D!

4. Write something. Let it be in a journal, a letter to a friend, or even a comment to this post! Let your mind wander and think of other things beyond your current state of mind.

5. Talk to a friend, neighbor or pet! Take a breather and talk it out. Not necessarily regarding your current craving (or else your neighbor may duck away next time they see you coming down the hall…), but instead about your/his or her day, plans, a great book, etc. once again the goal is your mind can get busy focusing on something else!


Okay, I swear he’s listening.

6. Throw yourself into a project. Towards the end of my Whole30 my closet was cleaned, pantry was reorganized, kitchen was decluttered, and endless other projects were completed. I would like to say it was suddenly because I had boundless energy (which was definitely part of it!), but it was also because I was trying to turn off the cravings and keep my mind focused not on foods.

7. Take care of yourself. Perfect time to try out that new bubble bath, paint those nails or practice a new makeup routine. Same idea, get yourself thinking about something else and squash those cravings. If you really need some help with self control, paint those finger nails. Hey! Hard to eat potato chips with wet finger nails :-)

8. Be aware of body’s needs. If you try all of these options and still can’t turn off the cravings, it may be your body telling you you’re missing something.  For example, you might be craving chocolate which could actually be a sign that you aren’t getting enough iron and magnesium! Think about what you ate all day and try to figure out if theres something you’re missing then find a healthy alternative!

9. Help yourself by not making the craving available to begin with. If chocolate is your vice, do yourself a favor and don’t keep it in the house. This way if you really want to succumb to your craving it takes a whole trip to get it which can stifle the craving.

10. Choose something healthier! Instead of that cupcake why not go for some fresh fruit? Yes, it might not be covered in frosting and sprinkles, but its still going to curve that craving for sweetness and you’ll feel much better in an hour after some berries versus that sugar bomb!


And finally, if all else fails. Like I’m talking really, truly 110% there is no way you’re not giving into this, give into the craving. Let yourself have that little piece of chocolate, but make sure you’re really mindful in the experience. This means turning off the TV…don’t mindlessly munch while you chat on the phone…be in the moment and enjoy it. Also, make sure to only buy enough for this one moment, that way next time this happens you get to go through the whole list again :-)

***And if you’re on the Whole30 challenge…remind yourself its only 30 days! You can do it and the best part is when its all over you’ll have less cravings for these things as consistently so you’ll have less times that this will happen.

So friends, what types of tricks do you use??

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