Healthy Challenge: Sip some tea.

Hey all! Happy Monday! (oxymoron?) Hope you all had a happy, healthy weekend.

Last week, I tried the healthy challenge of walking after dinner each night as a way to evade late night snacking and to get in a few extra minutes of activity at the end of the day. Although I would love to say we did it everyday after dinner and it was great blah blah, unfortunately…last week was not so conducive with that plan. With two of the days as total downpours and the rest with at least a sprinkle we managed to get out and go for a walk on 4/7 days… still pretty good! If you’re interested in trying this challenge, I would suggest checking the weather report prior to making plans like this :-)


For this week my healthy challenge is to enjoy some tea. My favorite is mint tea, but I also dabble in herbal tea.  Make sure to pick a type naturally without caffeine if you’re sensitive. The plan is while I’m cleaning up after dinner to let some water boil, seep the tea and then slowly sip the hot tea. For me it totally helps to calm my stomach and help me relax before bed. Also, added bonus…kind of takes your mind off of that supposed “hungry” feeling to curb late night snacking.


Hope you’ll join me!

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