Rain, rain go away…solution to wet soles.

Lately I’ve been incorporating a run into my daily routine by bringing a bag of 4 workout outfits to work on Monday morning and leaving my bus tokens and wallet at home. Hey, gotta get home somehow! Fortunately, most days I’ve been motivated enough once I start running the 1.5 miles home from work to then run 2,3, or sometimes 4 miles, even after working a 10+ hour day. Lately, its been working great…but then. rain. happened. Yesterday, I knew rain was imminent all day long, but was hoping I could evade it if I left work a few minutes early…WRONG. Instead, I was greeted by a total downpour, but hey with no other solution to get home I decided to go for it. At least a mile and a half run is better than nothing! (unfortunately, about .5 mile into it the thunder and lightening started. NO good.)

Ick, rain.

Actually, a run in the rain (without the thunder and lightening) would have been actually pretty nice considering how hot and humid it was yesterday! Upon getting home, I realized a slightt issue for my plans to run again tomorrow…soaking, wet shoes. No body likes wet shoes and considering how totally horrible it can be for your tootsies to run with wet shoes I knew I needed a solution! Although the dryer can be quite tempting, its NOT the quick fix for drying your shoes…unless you want smaller shoes! Instead, I stuffed my shoes full of newspaper. The newspaper sucks the water out and helps to keep the shape of your shoes. Considering the downpour I was running in I may need to replace the paper to continue drying overnight, but hey! its worth it for dry shoes tomorrow!

Wet shoes

Anyone else like rainy runs?
How do you work fitness into your long work days?

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