Cold Pressed.

So lately, I’ve been looking into juice cleanses. I feel like you hear such mixed reviews. Somewhat black and white with people either 100% on board…or 100% against. I, for one, seem to be a shade of gray. I was looking into the scientific, medical backing for juice cleanses and even so am yet to be convinced either way. Well, without any decisions made either way I decided to put it off until I can truly make an opinion of which way I sway. However, this Sunday may have helped to determine whether or not I could do it. Cue Trader Joe’s. This past weekend I stopped into Trader Joe’s to pick up our groceries for the week and naturally ended up waiting in the line wrapped all the way around the store (also, if you’re unfamiliar with the line I swear it looks daunting, but it does move! And actually pretty quickly!) Anyways, while in line you’re semi systematically tempted by a bunch of foods along the way. Typically, I’m pretty good at sticking to my list, but today something caught my eye.

Juice 1

Maybe it was the neon “NEW ITEM” sign that got me or maybe it the pretty packaging, but I decided to try out this new juice. I was excited it was cold pressed and although it was around $5 I thought that was a pretty good price considering I recently got a fresh juice from a nearby café for $11 (yeah, I know…I was more focused on the ingredients and totally missed the price).  Anyways, I decided to go for it and try it out considering I may be venturing into a juice cleanse at some point. Decided to go with the “GREEN” flavor since that’s typically the type of smoothie I make at home.

juice 2

Taste taste: Welp, I’m glad I tried it before I jumped full blown into an investment of time and money for a juice cleanse. The flavor was…eh…green. After my first sip my thoughts were “hm, celery”. Decided to go for sip 2 and my thoughts? “Yup, celery”. Although I started to enjoy accept the taste towards the end I’m not so sure the flavor is for me. As for the juice cleanse, jury is still out! I would like to do more research (including more taste tests!) prior to jumping feet first into a full out cleanse.

image (14)

What about you? Any tried a cleanse? Or are you more of a “100% not into it”?

Juice 1

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