Almond Pulp Cereal

So, you made your very own Almond milk. NICE. Now, before you throw away that pulp there’s a WHOLE BUNCH of wonderful things to try! Here’s my recent favorite.


Almond “cereal”

  • Make sure to squeeze all of the moisture out of the almond pulp by squeezing in cheese cloth.
  • Place on baking sheet in thin layer. I did this placing wax paper on the baking sheet, pouring the pulp on the sheet and spreading out. I then placed a sheet of wax paper on top and rolled with rolling pin.
  • Place in the oven for 3-4 hours at 200⁰.
  • When its done, break it up and store in jar! It should stay for up to 3 weeks, but honestly I eat it wayyy before then.

Coconut blueberry strawberry cereal


Try it as a:

–          Granola: Add to some yogurt and top with fresh fruit

–          Trail mix: Mix in some shredded, unsweetened coconut , nuts and dried fruit.

–           Dessert! Add a little water, mix with apple and cinnamon. Heat for 20-30 seconds and top with honey.


apple cereal 1

YUM. Mixed apple, coconut, cinnamon and almond pulp granola with a

little hot water. Topped with honey. Poor man’s apple crisp!

strawberry blueberry cereal

Breakfast cereal. Mixed together strawberries, blueberries and
almond pulp with some fresh almond milk.

What else would you make with the almond pulp? Have you tried to make any other nut milk?


Go nuts!

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2 comments on “Almond Pulp Cereal
  1. Cassy @ On The Inside says:

    These are all awesome ideas, Colleen! I can’t even tell you how much almond pulp I’ve let go to waste because I didn’t know what to do with it. The only thing I’ve successfully used the pulp for was crackers, which actually turned out pretty awesome!

    • Colleen O'Connor says:

      Great! I’m glad you like it. I definitely will need to write up recipes for more. I make all sorts of stuff. What kind of recipe did you use for the crackers? That sounds great!

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