Yoga Plans…crushed.

This week I was all pumped up and ready to go to yoga. I intentionally picked a class that was a little later so I didn’t feel like I needed to rush out of the house like I do during the week for work. I signed up for the class and even laid out my clothes. Woke up in the morning and had a good breakfast, had some coffee, and started checking emails/catching up on some blogs I read. Just enjoyed my morning before heading out to yoga, but then it happened. I looked down at the clock and realized the class started in 10 minutes. I rushed around like a mad woman trying to get dressed, fill my water, find my mat, and finally rush out the door.

I was walking out the door and was just checking the time to figure out if it would require a full out sprint or just a quick jog to get there within some realm of the start time when I stopped and turned around.  I walked back to the apartment and sat back down. I realized I was completely defeating the point of going to do something I enjoyed and something that was intended to be relaxing and rejuvenating for me by rushing there. Initially I was super bummed and a little annoyed at myself for losing track of time, but instead of dwelling I changed my top and laced up some sneakers and went for a run. Although it wasn’t my initial plan I definitely was recharged and relaxed after my 5 miles.

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Also! Added bonus. I decided to run along the Schuylkill trail and SURPRISE! There was an outdoor art show happening.  Just another reason I love Philadelphia!



I would love to hear how everyone else makes sure to fit in workouts. Do you plan in advance or just go for it in the moment? What about classes…more motivating or harder to fit into your schedule?
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Hope you had a happy weekend full of fun surprises!

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