Whole 30: Wrap up 3 months out

I completed my Whole30 in February 2014 and have made a bunch of changes to my diet since that time. Many were linked to the 30 days, but not solely. I also am an avid nutrition reader, at home chopped chief contestant, and based on what one of my friend’s boyfriends says.. a hippie. Whatever. I’ll take it. Here are my results and final throughout from my Whole30 experience.

Results and Wrap up
So at the end of 30 days of clean eating which in this case meant… no sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes, dairy, starches, carrageen, MSG or sulfides…what did I have to show for it? Well here are a few things…

  • Learned to better control my diet
  • Found out how food affects me in general as well as the timing of foods throughout the day
  • Eating for my body, not for my clock. For me this meant teaching myself what it really feels like to eat when you’re hungry…and skip it when I’m not. Seems simple, but sometimes it takes a restart.
  • How to be a detective and really, LIKE REALLY read what is in your food.
  • Learned to evaluate my health based on the way I felt and looked versus a number on the scale
  • Get past my plateau! Same weight for a year after losing 15lbs? Yes, great that I could maintain it, but I still have some work to do! In the end I also lost 8 lbs and broke through my plateau.

But here’s the thing…

Recently I was watching Good Morning America where they highlighted Whole30. I was really excited to watch it and hear about others experiences, etc., but instead of becoming a way to highlight how these 30 days can change your eating habits, make you a more mindful eater and so on it seemed to convey more that this was a life long diet that you continue to do frequently, kind of like jumping back and forth from a traditional american diet and this extreme. (Also, I wasn’t a huge fan that they highlighted that the woman interviewed didn’t work out at all during this time, but thats a seperate soap box…).

I’m definitely not here to judge anyone’s diet or force my opinions, but…well…since you’re reading this you mayy care to hear what I have to say. When I completed my 30 days I felt great and had developed a better sense of my own diet, but also felt really happy that I could enjoy small indulgences, like chocolate, again without feeling like I was breaking the rules. I remember the first sip I had of a dirty chai (ugh, missed you guys) made with milk I felt great, but at the end of it I felt horrible. Because I had had a reaction like this, I assumed I immediately was SURE I could no longer have milk. (cue depression…goodbye ice cream) However, since now integrating these foods into my diet on occasion and in smaller quantities I now realize a.) for me everything in moderation is fine b.) most likely wasn’t a reaction to the milk…but may have been to the larger quantity after not having it for 30 days orr could have been due to the sugars, and whatever other crap was in the chai mix. (I’ve changed this I swear.)

Long story short…

I think for me the Whole30 was an excellent reset. It helped me to be more creative with foods, eliminate processed junk, etc., but for me its not a life long diet and I don’t believe for anyone it should be.  With that being said, yes, in the future I may venture to try another Whole30 when I feel like my body or mind needs a hard fast reset, but no, I am not doing this for life. After all, who wants to live without chocolate, wine, champagne…the list goes on…

Like Oscar Wilde said…



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