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1 prep + 1 container= 3 lunches. (math, pfff)

Avocado and Black Bean Quinoa salad with a cumin lime vinaigrette I’ve always been pretty good with meal prep, but lately I have NOT been interested in the typical routine of come home…eat dinner…clean up dinner…pack lunch…clean up from making lunch…go to bed. I also have been trying to go running each day after work, which pushes dinner a little later, whichhh then pushes lunch prep wayyy back. So, after a few days a week of buying rando lunches 1-2x a week on the days that lunch prep just wasn’t in the cards I decided I needed a new plan.

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Rain, rain go away…solution to wet soles.

Wet shoes Lately I’ve been incorporating a run into my daily routine by bringing a bag of 4 workout outfits to work on Monday morning and leaving my bus tokens and wallet at home. Hey, gotta get home somehow! Fortunately, most days I’ve been motivated enough once I start running the 1.5 miles home from work to then run 2,3, or sometimes 4 miles, even after working a 10+ hour day. Lately, its been working great…but then. rain. happened.

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Green Morning: The smoothie solution.

IMG_2795 My stomach was still a little off this morning so I figured a little green smoothie would be a good fit to get some good nutrients in, but not overwhelming. I make all sorts of smoothie concoctions and literally mix it up each time…with one exception. This one is golden, or should I say green. (ha…ha…)

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Healthy challenge: Walk it outtt.

IMG_3160 Hey all! Hope everyone had a happy, restful weekend and enjoyed some fun with family and friends. We took a trip to Atlantic City (more on that later) which was a fun trip, but definitely threw me off my healthy weekly routine. Yeesh, time for a reset…which brings me to my new Healthy Challenge…

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Cold Pressed.

Juice 1 So lately, I’ve been looking into juice cleanses. I feel like you hear such mixed reviews. Somewhat black and white with people either 100% on board…or 100% against. I, for one, seem to be a shade of gray. I was looking into the scientific, medical backing for juice cleanses and even so am yet to be convinced either way. Well, without any decisions made either way I decided to put it off until I can truly make an opinion of which way I sway. However, this Sunday may have helped to determine whether or not I could do it. Cue Trader Joe’s.

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Almond Pulp Cereal

IMG_1357 So, you made your very own Almond milk. NICE. Now, before you throw away that pulp there’s a WHOLE BUNCH of wonderful things to try! Check out my favorite!

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Yoga Plans…crushed.

fountain aio This week I was all pumped up and ready to go to yoga. I intentionally picked a class that was a little later so I didn’t feel like I needed to rush out of the house like I do during the week for work. I signed up for the class and even laid out my clothes. Woke up in the morning and had a good breakfast, had some coffee, and started checking emails/catching up on some blogs I read. Just enjoyed my morning before heading out to yoga, but then it happened.

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Celebratory Nachos

chips I had the day off today and went nuts with organizing. Serious spring cleaning. Like 6 bags of donations serious. Anyways, after spending the day cleaning I wanted to make something semi easy for dinner, but also wanted to do something to celebrate a HUGE accomplishment of the boyfriend. Since he’s normally a good sport about eating whatever odd kale-chia-seed-sweet -potato-spinach concoction I make I decided to go a little more towards his pallet for tonight’s celebratory dinner.

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