Grown Up Easter Basket Clean Up

Today I stopped into the drug store to grab some allergy medicine..ahh, the joys of spring…as always the trip turned into me wandering down every aisle, you know? Just in case  I needed anything that I had no idea I needed :-). Anyways, as I turned down the seasonal aisle I was immediately hit by this sticky, sweet, chocolatel-y smell of the Easter Basket goodies.

Although an indulgences is okay here and there and definitely warranted on some days, for me personally I know sometimes something like a new pair of flip flops or a girly magazine provide wayyy more enjoyment than a few (or a bag) of jelly beans! I was thinking about my ideal Easter Basket (depending on the day you ask..) and thought these could be some fun alternatives.


 Looks good to me, but maybe not the MOST fun Easter basket.

This girl loves a theme. Here are a few!

MOVE IT basket

  • Water bottle: Love the Lifefactory glass BPA free bottles!
  • Energy bars: Bonus points if they are homemade :-)
  • Pedometer: May a Fitbit or something similar if you want to get fancy
  • Jump rope
  • Sunscreen: An essential for an outdoor workout!
  • Running socks: Neons? YES.

Take a breather basket

  • Tea bags or loose tea and a diffuser: My love mint tea <3
  • Mug
  • Hand lotion or bubble bath
  • Magazine or good book
  • Lip balm

Other mix up options:

  • Pretty stationary and stamps
  • Jar of almond butter, or another clean nut butter option: Be still my heart.
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Gift cards
  • Nail polish
  • Want to be super cute? Toss in some carrots. Great color and sticks with the theme? Adorbs.
  • Cards

Still craving some sweet?

  • Chocolate covered fruit: Maybe chocolate strawberries or banana? Also bonus points if you make at home!
  • Dark Chocolate: For me personally, the darker the better…I go for 90% and up!! May want to look for single serve options…enforced portion control :-)
  • Dried or even fresh fruit: You can also make this at home!
  • Fruit leather
  • Freeze dried fruit
  • Nuts! You can even find some flavored varieties, just watch the ingredients!
  • If all else fails and you reallyyy want those peeps or peanut butter eggs, find a clear recipe and make it!! Nowadays you can find a clean recipe for almost anything, yes it may be a lot of work, but a.) you’ll know all of the ingredients are clean and real and b.) most likely you want gobble them all up in one sitting because you’ll know all of the work that went into making those peeps!

Although I’m all about some candy here and there, I also know myself and if I buy a bag of jelly beans to have a few, a few will soon equal 1/2 the bag. Decided that despite the 25-75% off, it was best for me to keep on truckin’. No fear, I did buy myself some fun new nail polish and a piece of 90% dark chocolate (ie. my second boyfriend).

Happy Easter all!


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