Uh oh, summer is coming…Ab Challenge!

Yesterday I tried on a bathing suit…today I start an ab challenge smile Being a so-called “Millennial” I want results fast, which is why I decided to make up a new ab routine.  I ran through this twice and already feel it!

  • 30 x Torso crisscross with knees flexed, feet together, on ground
  • 30 x Torso crisscross with knees flexed, feet together, off ground
  • 30 seconds V-sit, rest, 30 seconds V-sit,
  • 30 x v-sit crunches
  • 30 x standard crunches
  • 30 x bicycle crunches
  • 30 x leg lifts
  • 30 x push through
    * Complete set as many times as you like then complete the recovery
  • Recovery:
    • 30 seconds supine rolling with knees flexed into chest
    • 10 slow reps of full body flex/extend…basically bring everything into the middle and then stretch out.
    • 1 minute child’s pose


Time to get that belly ready for the beach!


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